UAV INDONESIA is a service for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operator and hardware manufacturer. Through the services of mapping and 3D modeling solutions for businesses in the agricultural, plantation, forestry, mining and other energy sectors, UAV INDONESIA puts easy-to-use data solutions in the hands of operations managers for quick and deliberate decision-making in the form of drones.        

UAV INDONESIA adalah penyedia jasa operator dan wahana pesawat tanpa awak (UAS). Melalui jasa pemetaan dan pemodelan 3D yang cepat untuk bisnis di sektor pertanian, perkebunan, kehutanan, pertambangan dan sektor energi lainnya, UAV INDONESIA memberikan solusi data yang mudah digunakan di tangan manajer operasi untuk pengambilan keputusan yang cepat yang di buat oleh drone.

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LiDAR vs Photogrammetry

March 01, 2019

GIS (Geographic Information System) is gaining momentum in the present scenario. Photogrammetry LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technologies are latest technologies revolutionizing the way we are working.

Forestry Inventory (Tree counting and Classified Land Cover)

October 24, 2016

Canopy Height Model (CHM)

Sampling density point cloud from UAV photogrammetry for forest change detection, i.e. the estimation of forest growth and monitoring of harvested trees. An object-oriented algorithm was developed for detecting general changes and harvested and fallen trees from UAV acquisitions.

Auto Tree Counting Oil Palm/ Kelapa Sawit

June 06, 2016

Auto Tree counting Oil palm using Software. easy and fast. accuracy 95% and can add or remove by visual

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